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London and Toronto talk terror

Ros Atkins Ros Atkins | 15:09 UK time, Monday, 5 June 2006

It was a full house in the World Have Your Say office this morning, but unusually we all agreed there was one subject that we should go with today. Toronto and London have both seen substantial anti-terror raids in the past few days, and both operations have raised a whole of range of issues that you clearly want to talk about.

So today, we'll do our best to have those of you in both cities talking to each other and sharing your views and experiences. If you live in either, do you feel safer because of the raids? Do you support police actions, or are they being too heavy-handed? And when politicians like the Canadian Prime Minister say that the suspects want to attack his country's 'values' - what exactly are Canadian values? Or British ones for that matter?

The raid in London took place at a house in part of East London called Forest Gate. As I'm writing this, Rabiya (who lives nearby and so knows the area well) and David are preparing to go down there with a satellite phone so that we can hear from people who live in the area. Obviously, we're not so close to where the raids in Toronto took place, but we will be making sure we speak to as many of you there as we can by telephone. If you live in either city and want to contribute tonight, please do email us and we'll make a plan with you.

One thing we are concerned about is that the programme feels like a closed shop to you if you don't live in the two cities. It's not meant to be like that. Many of the issues thrown up by the raids I'm sure feel relevant to many of you who are nowhere near Toronto and London. It goes without saying that we'd welcome your perspective.


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