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Iran-USA talks

Peter van Dyk | 18:05 UK time, Thursday, 1 June 2006

We're kicking off today with Iranians talking to Americans. Chris in New York and Amir in Tehran laid out their countries' positions.

Both Amir and Chris thought there should be no preconditions for talks.

John emailed to say:
"I am a retired U.S Navy sailor teaching high school science. The Bush administration has offered nothing new to Iran. They say they want to negotiate, but only if Iran gives up everything before the negotiations. Why should they expect Iran to agree? The administration wants to deny Iran the right, given to them by the NPT, to make fuel for peaceful reactors. The US claims that Iran is building nuclear weapons, but they provide no evidence that is true. We all know how accurate their claims were on the WMD, and everything else about Iraq and its threat."

Nadeem called from London to ask why the world should trust Iran when it has bought nuclear technology from AQ Khan, the Pakistani nuclear scientist who illegally sold nuclear secrets.

In response, Khaled from bangladesh sent a text message from his mobile phone:
"Iran has right to take any decision for their country. Iran is a independent country, iran has right to use their scientist."


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