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Earthquake aid, renditions and boot camps

Kevin Anderson | 11:31 UK time, Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Earthquake damageSorry not to have got that first thing in the morning post up. Most days we come in, have a chat and then do the programme, but we've been working on a few things over the last few days so have already been fast at work on those.

One topic is the debate that Fiona talked about yesterday: Using boot camps to try to reform violent youths. Another one that caught our eye came into our inbox. It's been a little over a week since the earthquake in Java, but aid is slow in getting to where it needs to go, says one blogger working with the relief effort.

We had thought about talking this report that European nations 'colluded' with the CIA in extra-legal abductions, according to a report by the Council of Europe. The report said that Poland and Romania also hosted illegal prisons. It's definitely a high profile story, but we weren't sure what the debate would be.


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