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Do women need laws to get equal rights?

Fiona Crack | 15:58 UK time, Monday, 26 June 2006

Is the only way to guarantee sexual equality to enshrine it in law? That's what Spain are doing with their new draft "Equality Law" . Is it necessary? Would it make a difference in your country? Have your say using our on-line debate or send us your thoughts using the form. Include your number if you want to take part in the programme.

Some strong comments coming on to our debate include:

What ever happened to good old fashioned meritocracy? "Positive" discrimination,be it race,sexuality or gender more often or not leads to a backlash against the very people the "law' was suppose to protect.... At the end of the day,it's skills that matter.

Keith Thomas, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The laws in Spain are absurd. I think far too many women work nowadays. I'm a man who has experienced the hardship of long term unemployment, standing in dole queues full of other men, most of whom would have had jobs if it weren't for so many women taking them. If women returned to their role of housekeeping, supporting their family and maybe part time work, then unemployment rates for men would decrease. This would make for a more stable society and a better family life.

Matthew, Leeds, West Yorks, UK


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