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A new dawn brings a new day

Richard Bowen | 11:30 UK time, Friday, 30 June 2006

bob_geldof_at_live_8.jpgMorning blog fans, I've been away for a while and I'm sure you've really missed my morning posts, but I'm back. This is what I've seen for you to chew over on this fine day, here goes.

First up, it seems that Live 8 has failed to achieve most of it's targets for the reduction of poverty in Africa. Nevertheless, Bob Geldof is still saying that the event was a success. What do you think? Has Live 8 made a difference? Did you give money? Whatever you want to say about this leave your comments.

"Dutch", they've done it again. For the third time in four years the Dutch government has collapsed. It all came about after the D66 party pulled out of the coalition in a row over immigration. We want to find out what's going on in Holland.

Next is Gaza...

...WHYS have been looking very closely at this situation all week and have had some in-depth debate on the subject. I'm not sure if we'll go back to it today but here's the latest for you anyway.

The Italian match fixing trial is underway. We want to find out how this is affecting the Italian nation. If this was going in your country, what would you be more concerned with, the long term affect of this scandal on your national game? Or the possibility of winning the World Cup?

If you've ever brought a pirate DVD look away now... Why? Because apparently the FBI have "smashed" two of the worlds biggest DVD piracy rings, meaning copies of the new superman movie weren't readily available from the boots of cars across America this week. We want to know if you'd ever buy a pirate DVD? YOU may not buy them but a lot of people do, some $650bn dollars were spend on counterfeit goods last year alone, why is this? Can the bootleggers ever be stopped?

Some UK companies are calling it a day on many call centres in India, as the cost benefits no longer out weigh the complaints from unhappy customers. What do you think about call centres? Good idea? Or bad for business?

And finally (and believe you me this is an and finally!) Advertising bosses in the UK are being accused of providing a "castrated version" of British males through characters like Mr Muscle. The latest edition of the advertising journal Campaign says modern men in TV ads are "castrated dweebs" who appeal to neither men nor women. So, to all the men out there, do you feel like a "castrated dweeb" when you watch such ad's? And women, what's your take on this? Do you prefer the more macho portrayal of men selling you goods, or the, some might say, more realistic representation of men as wimps? Let us know.

When the final list for today's is decided you'll be the first to know.....


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