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A late start to Friday

Rabiya Parekh | 11:39 UK time, Friday, 16 June 2006

I feel obliged to do my public duty this morning and alert anyone reading this posting just before they venture on to the Central line on the London Underground. Avoid it.

The reason this message is late is because it's taken me so long to get in to work this morning, a forty minute journey has taken almost two hours. We are told it has something to do the a power failure along the line. Whatever it is and continues to be, it's made me and thousands of other Londoners very late for work this morning trying to find alternative ways in to work.

Anyway, it did give me a chance to have a decent flick around digital radio stations to find out what the world is talking about, and lo and behold it still seems to football.

Here in England certainly, England fans are quite relieved that Beckham and his boys managed to scrape a 2-0 victory over Trinadad and Tobago. But the jubilation of making it through to the next round of the World Cup Finals in Germany comes with a lot of criticism from football pundits and commentators.

Aside from football, there are a very other things that have caught my eye this morning.

Today, South Africa is marking 30 years to the day a student protest in Soweto was pivotal to the apartheid struggle. The World Service and News Online have a done a lot on this already. But what would you like to hear out of South Africa?

And this really caught my eye, also in South Africa. A movement to reclaim the word "native".

Microsoft Guru, Bill Gates has announced he will be "stepping back" from day to day duties. What does that mean? And what legacy does he leave behind? Is Microsoft still seen as the all consuming technology monster?

And of course we want to hear what you want to hear what you want to talk about, do get in touch.


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