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What's on our radar today?

Richard Bowen | 10:07 UK time, Monday, 15 May 2006

A Dutch politician, the Human Rights Act, a racist law? Brazilian violence and climate change.

The influential Dutch politician, Ayann Hirsi Ali is being threatened with deportation from Netherlands over claims she lied about her refugee status. We want to know what the mood's like in the Netherlands.

Nine hijackers win the right to stay in Britain, and one of the UK's most wanted men is still on the run. What have they got in common? All were allowed to stay in the UK because of the Human Rights Act. Is it time to scrap the Human Rights Act? Tell us what you think.

A Marriage law which bans Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza married to Israeli citizens the right to live in Israel with their spouses has been upheld. Some Israeli politicians are saying this law is "rooted in racism". Is it time for it to go?

Violence in Brazil. At least 67 people have been killed as police and gangsters fought over the weekend in Sao Paulo. Read what eyewitnesses say about the violence.

Climate change could kill 184 million people in Africa before the end of the century. What should we do about it?

What do you think we should be talking about? Your comments are most welcome.


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