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Fiona Crack | 11:19 UK time, Tuesday, 16 May 2006

The US restores links with Libya after 18 years. But how likely are we to get Libyan voices? I like Jonathan Markus' analysis piece on bringing rogue states in from the cold...

Thousands have been evacuated from Merapi - surely one of them wants to speak to us about their experiences?

Mexico/Texas - the US sends troops to the boarder - voices from either side? A little warm-up to our borders series? There's a debate online but not much coming in from the areas affected.

German doctors claim they are under-paid and over-worked. They earn much less than their contemporaries in the UK and US. They've jumped in a river with their coats on to tell the world how bad it is. It's a frequent complaint from doctors - can we get a few young doctors from different countries together to talk about it?

The Have Your Say site have put up a 40 years since the Cultural Revolution debate. We should keep an eye on what views are coming in.

And while I remember, this weekend, whilst in the rural calm of Yorkshire, I thought once a week we should ask a BBC producer in a bureau to go out in their city - Brussels, Tel Aviv, Nairobi, Singapore, Delhi - and ask people what they want to talk about there and feature that city on the programme. We could do one of the suggestions as a debate and play in a montage of the other suggestions.

This would help us reach a different audience and help us on our "you set the agenda" motto. What do you think of this and the story ideas? Is there a item in the news that we have missed? Please email us with your suggestions.


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