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Online meeting

Peter van Dyk | 09:54 UK time, Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Today we've started our meeting about the programme via email. Mark was the first to contribute:

The fat man makes it: we should revisit, having talked to Steve Vaught in March. And how about asking: how did you change your life?

Palestinian sanctions: do we want withholders v sufferers? Anu replied to Mark's email - although she likes the story, yesterday's discussion got pretty close to this. Richard called in with an idea (more of that in a bit) and agreed with Anu. I'm with them too.

Targetting shareholders? What's ok to put pressure on businesses? Targetting consumers?

Yesterday Richard suggested looking at the chance that Britain could allow screening of embryos for a range of diseases including breast cancer. Anu was not a fan then but the world looks different this morning - she wants to ask parents if they'd have tests on an embryo where there is a family history of a certain disease.

From yesterday we're also trying to talk to Iraqi journalists in Baghdad about what it's like covering the chaos in their country. We'll continue to chase that and have a look back at some recent stories we've covered.

Back to Richard's idea - he called in specially to suggest discussing assisted suicide: The Royal College of Physicians has revealed widespread opposition among its members to the assisted dying bill in the UK. We did discuss this in January - but maybe it's time to look at it again.

And finally a suggestion from me: Today France becomes the first European country to hold a national day of remembrance for the victims of slavery - does Europe do enough to remember its role in the slave trade?


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