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On the cards.

Richard Bowen | 10:49 UK time, Friday, 26 May 2006

Good morning bloggers. It's about an hour till our meeting and here's what we're thinking about today.

The violence in East Timor moves into day four, and even with the intervention of the Australian commandoes things don't look like calming down.

Bush and Blair admit...

...errors on Iraq - Does this change the way you feel about their decision to go to war - or is this just a desperate ploy for ratings from two leaders on the way out?

The Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas tells Hamas, "recognise Israel or I'll call a referendum". Wise move or dangerous political gamble?

There's trouble in Portugal as a new shopping centre come bull ring is opened.

The new American pop idol receives more votes than any US president. (I just had to put that one in there!)

The two former Enron chiefs - Jeffrey Skilling and Kenneth Lay - are convicted, does this put the trust back in big business?

According to reports in the British press, sexual harassment is rife in the British armed forces. How are women treated in your countries armed forces? Would you sign up? Can anything be done to sort it out, or should this be an accepted part of army life?

More violence in Somalia, Mogadishu becomes a no go area.

A lecturer at a UK University is today giving his last live lecture. From now on all his classes will be available as podcasts. What do you think of this method of teaching? Would you like to be taught in this way? Does this make a mockery of University?

And finally from me - the death of a legend. Influential reggae artist Desmond Dekker has died aged 64. We're hoping to link up with our friends at Radio Jamaica to see how how people are reacting to the news in the West Indies.


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