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Have you got World Cup tickets?

Kevin Anderson | 09:41 UK time, Wednesday, 24 May 2006

The football World Cup starts in just over two weeks, but many fans are complaining that it's almost impossible to see the games they want. Have you been affected?

Supporters have begun an online petition to demand that more World Cup tickets be made available to ordinary fans. They say as many as 1 in 3 tickets have been given to corporate sponsors. Will you get to see your country play? Or at this point, will you settle for any game?

Each participating team receives just 8% of tickets for any games they play. With so few tickets going to dedicated fans, there are concerns the stadiums may be half empty and hundreds of unwanted corporate tickets will circulate on the black market.

This is not the first criticism of the ticketing system, which is something of an online lottery. FIFA argues that the sponsors have put a lot of money into the tournament. But, FIFA boss Sepp Blatter admitted in an interview with a German tabloid that "the commercialisation of football may have gone too far and that there are lessons for FIFA".

Have you got your World Cup tickets? How hard was it to get a ticket? Did you get it from FIFA or somewhere else? Or are you still trying to get tickets?



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