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Hammer Time

Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 13:07 UK time, Monday, 15 May 2006

I'm just back from the "Greatest Cup Final Ever" which i'm sure it was if you are a Liverpool fan -or a neutral (whoever they are) but not if you're a Hammer which i am. I have no voice today but was very proud of our players and our team but it's still hard to lose like that.

Still, it's only football isn't it? Tell that to Juventus fans who's team is under investigation for corruption and could face being kicked out of Italy's Serie A.

The story is the talk of Turin and in the rest of Italy with people asking how far the corruption goes. In Italy they like their football almost as much as we do in Britain so it's a national debate.

Also today; what are "Core British Values"? There's a talking point here about whether these "values" should be identified and then taught in school. We want to know what you -in the rest of the world - think are qualities intrinsically British virtues..

And, the violence in Brazil, a wave of attacks across the Sao Paulo region has seen more than 60 people die. Reports say that fighting is still going on, with more than a-hundred targets -- including police stations, patrols and off-duty officers -- attacked since Friday. Riots are under way in prisons across the state, and more than 200 people are being held hostage . We'll hear from people in Brazil..

And immigration in the USA is a subject we've done many times. But the decision to send the National Guard in to patrol the border with Mexico gives us a chance to look at it again. We'll hear voices from either side of the border.

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