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Fridays stories

Rabiya Parekh | 12:45 UK time, Friday, 12 May 2006

What a beautiful day it is here in London today. We've all got our fingers crossed the sunshine holds out for the weekend too, it's very difficult to enjoy it when we're stuck in this office!

Back to today's agenda though, and there are a few things we are looking at today.

Today is 1st anniversary of the killing of hundreds of protestors in Andijan, Uzbekistan. We will be hearing people from inside and outside the country about what it is like to be Uzbek.

4 year old Budhia Singh runs Marathons in India. There are bullfighters as young as 9 in Mexico and in the US people have become very excited about Mark Walker, a 6 year old who starred in a basketball commercial when he was 3!

Its not just kids in sport, but there are many children who are touted as geniuses, and play concerts when they are five or go to Oxford University at 11!

But what happens to them? Do they grow into balanced adults? And what about their parents... are they being too pushy? Or is it just the encouragement these kids need to achieve their potential?

When does encouragement become exploitation?


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