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Rabiya Parekh | 13:07 UK time, Monday, 1 May 2006

I have been so immersed in planning for our big We Media extravaganza later this week, I've not been very across the day to day programme of late.

But I do like to keep up with what you guys are saying about the show, so I trawl through our email inbox every day to pick out a few gems I can forward on to the rest of the team.

We get our fair share of criticism from listeners, but we also get a lot of positive feedback.

My favourite has to be this from L Sherpa, in a remote part of Nepal..

Living 10 days' walk from the nearest road (2 from an airstrip), and with no telecoms, newspapers, or much in the way of radio aside from the BBC and All India Radio, I want to thank the World Have Your Say facilitators and participants. From that program I was able to learn what was going on in the capital of Kathmandu from this very remote location. Unlike regular news reports, I got practical information from your program, like how the agitations were affecting food, mail, banks, airports, etc.

He goes on to have his say about what he's already heard about the situation in Nepal on the programme..

One contributor from Canada was very supportive of the Nepali struggle, and I appreciated that. But he was mistakenly uninformed to hold up our neighbor Bhutan as the beacon of democracy for Nepal. Indeed, Bhutan, with its theocratic god-king rule, is precisely what Nepal does NOT want. Just ask the 10,000 odd Bhutanese refugees languishing in UN camps in Nepal, who were ethnically cleansed out of Bhutan by their feudal chauvanist policies what kind of "democracy" goes on there. Or ask the thousands of Bhutanese buddhist monks and lamas who rather live in Nepal than Bhutan! Shangrila is for gods, democracy is for people!

Thank you. Keep sending us your thoughts, good or bad. How should the show develop? What should we be doing more/less of?


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