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A glance at the top stories

Fiona Crack | 11:13 UK time, Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Thanks to some hard-working Producers on the team (not me) we've already got some stories lined up, we will be putting your questions to the Iranian Ambassador to IAEA, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, and looking at football racism in Germany ahead of the World Cup.

I've been totally out of the loop for a few days and been busy shooting and editing a film about World Have Your Say, which features several members of emming and ahhhing through interviews and then cramming carrot cake into their mouths.

So if my finger is off the pulse and I'm not finding any stories that you want to talk about, send me an email about them and we'll add them to the list.

Some things that caught my eye include,

The Bolivia energy debate.

Maradona has stirred football fans' anger by wearing the strip of Argentina's rivals - Brazil. Is there a football shirt that you couldn't bear to wear?

A strike has been called to protest against the killings of 35 Hindus has shut down parts of Indian-administered Kashmir.

The debate on the BBC website about Sri Lanka in chaos is still getting plenty of postings despite the length of time it has been up. We haven't heard from Sri Lanka for a while, is it time to return to see how some old friends are faring the strained and fragile ceasefire?

Jack Carter (the eldest son of former US President Jimmy Carter) is seeking a Senate Seat. Is there a question about nepotism in politics? Does a family name guarantee success?

And one of the items we're looking at for the future came from an email from a listener - we'll be looking at what life is like for blind people in developing countries. Here's what Justin had to say.


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