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Tiger putts like a "spaz"

Peter van Dyk | 14:48 UK time, Tuesday, 11 April 2006

In explaining his failure to mount a challenge to winner Phil Mickelson at the Masters golf tournament in Georgia, Tiger Woods said that he played like "a spaz" on the greens.

He has since apologised for the comment. Do you find his words offensive?

Describing his performance after losing to Phil Mickelson, he said "It was frustrating because I felt so in control of my golf ball from tee to green and once I got onto the green I was a spaz."

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His remark seems to have caused more of a stir here in Britain than in the US. For example, on the BBC's Sport site the quote was changed from "spaz" to "idiot" (thanks to Marco for pointing this out.) Are attitudes to the word "spaz" or "spastic" different in the UK and America. Let us know.

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