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Talking to Egyptians

Peter van Dyk | 14:15 UK time, Tuesday, 25 April 2006

The bomb in Dahab happened while we were on air yesterday - unfortunately we couldn't get a correspondent on the programme in time but 24 hours on we thought about how World Have Your Say should cover the blast.

With a day having passed, it seemed a bit late for eyewitnesses, so we talked about asking the question "would you visit Egypt", but that felt a bit far removed from the story - after all, almost all the dead were Egyptians, although a German boy was among three foreigners confirmed killed in the blasts.

So we decided we wanted to know what Egyptians thought about the bombings. Maybe that's what you want to know, or maybe it isn't - please let us know.

Anyway, to find out we turned to Egyptian bloggers and to our web site, where we asked for reaction and are discussing security in Egypt.

We've spoken to quite a few bloggers in Egypt before, so we're going to try that route first. Big Pharoah is coming on the programme - he speaks of his shock in his post after the attack.

Karim Elsahy of One Arab World will also be on the programme - he gives his two cents there and says the bombing targetted Egyptian youth rather than foreign tourists.

And we'll be talking to Sandmonkey, who says that the crackdown will be severe because it is the children of Egypt's elite holidaying in Dahab.

We'll also be talking to callers from Egypt, and hearing their views on the situation in the country.


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