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Set back for safe sex in South Africa?

Kevin Anderson | 13:03 UK time, Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Jacob ZumaEx deputy president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma is on trial for the rape of an HIV positive women. He denies the charges but admitted that he willingly had unprotected sex, despite the risk of HIV.

Safe Sex campaigners were outraged by his admission that, having lead the government AIDS council, he believed the risks "were minimal". He did have a shower after sex though.

Has Zuma damaged the safer sex campaigns? Will peopel be influenced by his behaviour? Or will younger generations accept that sex without a condom is no longer an option for them? Is he simply out of touch with reality?

Here is what is being said online about it:

Stuart Forsyth blogging in Zambia at The Thought Menagerie writes:

Jacob Zuma is sending out a terrible message to South Africa’s youth. HIV/AIDs is at epidemic proportions in South Africa. I believe Jacob may have undone years of very difficult AIDS education in this country and that, if nothing else is criminal.

Die Twee Tjoppies blogging from Canary Wharf, London had this comment:

Jacob Zuma was arguing because the victim said she estimated the deed took about 5 - 10 minutes. Where upon our enlightened ex-pres replied that it took at least a full 15 minutes! Will the fragility and false pride of the male ego ever cease to amaze and shame me?

Fodder blogging from South Africa had this to say:

I hope he ends up in jail for a long time before he does even more damage to this country's struggle against abuse of women and HIV/AIDS.


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