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Plans for Monday April 10

Peter van Dyk | 12:24 UK time, Monday, 10 April 2006

It's a bit scattershot today, but here's where we're starting from:

  • It's a while since we've talked about the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad so we thought we'd go back to Denmark, the country where the row started.

  • We're going to try to find out what Israelis and Palestinians think about the current tensions between the two sides.

  • French President Jacques Chirac has backed down over the new youth job law that sparked weeks of protests. We'll find out what supporters and opponents of the law think of the president's u-turn.

  • Following up on Friday's programme, we'll take you back to Nepal to see what's going on after the weekend's protests.

  • In Canada there's shock after the grisly murder of eight men in Ontario.

  • And Lebanon is gripped by lottery fever.

That's a lot to talk about, and some of it may have to wait until tomorrow, but get in touch if you want to take part, or if there's something else you think we should be doing.


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