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No sex please, we're asexual

Peter van Dyk | 15:26 UK time, Thursday, 27 April 2006

Today on the programme we'll be talking about asexuality.

A group in the US say that not wanting sex should be considered a sexual orientation in the same way as homosexual and straight. They also say that unlike celibacy, being asexual is not a choice but rather a feeling.

It's a debate that's be going on in the US media for the last month and we're wondering if there are similar groups to the Asexual Visibility Education Network in other parts of the globe.

We'll be talking to people who consider themselves asexual and possibly to the founder of AVEN, David Jay.

As always we want to hear from you, do we need sex to have an enjoyable life, or can a relationship be fulfilling and intimate in other ways? Do you and your significant other abstain from sex or is it an essential part of your relationship? Tell us your thoughts.


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