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Making art out of 9/11

Peter van Dyk | 13:03 UK time, Friday, 14 April 2006

Today we're looking at your reaction to the portrayal of 9/11 in film, music and the arts.

With the release later this month of the first major Hollywood film to deal with the events of 9/11, United 93 attempts to tell the story of passengers on board the hijacked plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.

We will be speaking to people closely connected to the events as well as one man in the UK, MC Riz, who has released a satirical rap called 9/11 Blues.

Were you closely involved in the events of 9/11? Have you ever laughed at a joke about 9/11? Is it too early to dramatise and satirise 9/11? Or is it necessary to use art as a way of conveying real life events?

Contact the programme and tell us your views, or join our debate here.


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