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Back to Nepal

Peter van Dyk | 14:39 UK time, Monday, 10 April 2006

On Friday we heard from Nepal about the protests there, and heard Rajesh in Biratnagar argue with the government's information minister, Shrish Shumsher Rana, about the political standoff in the country.

We were thrilled to give Rajesh the chance to do that, and grateful to Minister Rana for staying on the line past 11pm in Nepal to listen to Rajesh and our other callers, and respond to their points. Today, following the scenes of violence over the weekend, we thought we'd go beck to Nepal and hear about the situation.

There are people who blame the political parties opposing the government for the problems in the country, pointing out that the Maoist uprising grew up while the parties were running the government and saying that King Gyanendra was working to improve things but getting no help from the opposition.

However, the majority of people contributing to our debate blame the king for the situation in the country and support the protesters.

Whose side are you on?

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