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An update on Hao Wu

Kevin Anderson | 14:20 UK time, Thursday, 20 April 2006

Shortly after we interviewed Chinese filmmaker and blogger Hao Wu, he was detained by authorities in China. It is Day 58 of his detention, and his friends and colleagues at Global Voices have started a letter-writing campaign and a petition drive to free him.

They are helping to post daily updates on his condition, posted by his sister Nina. Global Voices managing editor Rachel Rawlins will be joining us to tell us about the campaign, and we're hoping that bloggers involved in the campaign will also be available.

I just spoke to Chinese blogger Frank Dai over an internet phone service. He wrote a post for Global Voices about what he called self-censorship in China.

He said that most of the censorship is not done directly by the state but rather through the policies that the Chinese government imposes on companies who want to provide internet services in China.

It is the government that puts forward the principles in its policies. It is the service provider who carries out their plans, their policies.

Click on the audio below to hear what Frank had to say.

Frank Dai: A minority in China resent speech limits

We're going to run a brief clip in the programme, but I'll try to post most of the interview here. That's the beauty of the internet.

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