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Your questions to the former Guantanamo chaplain

David Mazower | 15:03 UK time, Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Chaplain James Yee was accused of betraying America and assisting Al Qaeda while serving as an army chaplain at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He was arrested and held for 76 days in solitary confinement.

After an extensive investigation all charges against him were dropped in 2004, in order - according to military officials - to avoid making sensitive information public. Chaplain Yee resigned from the army and has now written a book about his experiences.

James Yee will be our guest on World Have Your Say at 1830 GMT today.

His case raises disturbing questions about the behaviour of the US military at a time of heightened national security.

Was there ever any evidence against him? Did the military leak allegations about Yee to the media to tarnish his name? Was there undue suspicion of Muslim army personnel at Guantanamo Bay? Or, as the army claimed, was his incarceration necessary 'given the circumstances at the time' ?

That's just a few questions that have been asked in the press, but now is your chance to ask him questions that you might have.

You can either e-mail them to us or leave your comment here. If you want to take part in the on air discussion, leave your phone number. We won't publish it on the blog, but we'll try to call as many of you as possible.


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