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The final stop - Washington

Fiona Crack | 22:07 UK time, Thursday, 30 March 2006

I've just heard the other team's Detroit programme going out which means we've nearly finished our trip. Tomorrow it's our turn again and we're broadcasting from a school in Washington, Woodrow Wilson. It's apparently very diverse - with 85 nationalities of children attending it. We've also been encouraged to bring pizzas and sodas...

On the agenda is what the US's future role will be, discussed by the very people who will help shape it, young Americans. We're expecting a class of final year High School children to be our audience.

We'll also be linking up with other students across the world, in France, the Middle East and Africa, to hear what they think about US policy.

Also we hope to hear some debate on the US's public school system and no doubt some talk about pop culture and other things that may go over our heads.

Our New York / Detroit team are on their way to us in Washington and we've been told we have to buy our counterpart a present. So I'm off to scale the streets looking for a snow globe, fridge magnet or other tacky souvenir that Rabiya will loathe.

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