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Iraq 3 years on: The whole world is talking

Kevin Anderson | 19:15 UK time, Monday, 20 March 2006

Radio hosts and their listeners around the world are discussing the situation in Iraq three years after the invasion. We asked radio presenters around the world to tell us what their audience was saying.

Our first stop is the United States. Aaron Scott is morning host on WZST in West Virginia. It's a largely rural state just hours west of US capital. Thousands of West Virginians have fought or are fighting in Iraq. (Click on the blue links below to listen)

Aaron Scott says support has fallen

Now, we head north to Canada. Charles Adler hosts Adler Online, a nationally syndicated radio talk show. Canadians were never strong supporters of President George Bush, but they supported the war in Iraq initially. But that support has slipped.

Charles Adler says Canadians feel fooled

But what do Iraqis have to say? We spoke to Ahmed al Rikabi, station manager of Radio Dijla in Baghdad. Freedoms have increased but conditions are worse now.

Ahmed al Rikabi says more freedom but less security


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