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Have you taken part in a drug trial?

Kevin Anderson | 12:53 UK time, Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Six men are very ill in a London hospital after a drug trial went very wrong.

Have you ever taken part in a drug trial? Did you feel safe? Were you told of the risks? If you are a doctor, what are the precautions taken? E-mail us or leave your comment here, and remember to include a phone number so that we can call you back.

The six healthy men were taking part in a trial of a new anti-inflammatory drug. Two are listed as critically ill and the other four are listed as seriously ill.

Myfanwy Marshall's boyfriend took part in the trial because he needed the £2000 to pay bills.

This machine is pumping out his lungs. His chest is puffed out, his face is puffed out like the elephant man, she said.

Some of you have e-mailed us questions about drug trials, you can read some of the answers if you go here.

We've already received a lot of e-mails about this. Paul Mollitt in London had this to say:

I was due to start a week long stay at the same hospital on Monday for testing of a new drug but this has frightened the life out of me.

We want to hear from you. Have you taken part in a drug trial? Would you now?

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