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DEBATE: Do you miss communism?

Peter van Dyk | 14:50 UK time, Thursday, 9 March 2006

A poll found that nearly a quarter of the population in eastern Europe would like to return to communism, while only 28% favoured democracy. Almost a third didn't care.

If you live in eastern Europe, do you miss communism? Or do you see that as a return to the bad old days?

The poll by the Social Research Institute (TARKI), entitled a "barometer of the new Europe," was conducted last year in 11 countries, formerly part of the Soviet bloc: the Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovenia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary and Romania.

"The Czech Republic is the only country where a majority, 52 percent, preferred democracy while the Estonians were the second most favorable to a democratic regime with 37 percent," the TARKI report said.

In former East Germany there was a popular film called Goodbye Lenin which stirred up nostalgic feelings for the "good" old days as well and there has been talk of setting up a "theme park" to remind people of the good things about communism.

Why do people feel so much for a way of life many countries couldn't wait to get rid of? Is it a case of "better the devil you know"? Or are you glad the communist days are over?

You can leave a comment on our interactive debate here, or just leave a comment below. And remember to leave a phone number or e-mail address if you want to join the programme tonight.


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