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From our reporters in Germany

About the Blog Editors

bbcsport_logo.gifThe blog will usually be edited by one of three journalists - either Claire Stocks, Bridget Chandler or Alex Trickett. We'll be sitting in BBC Television Centre, London, while the rest of our blog team works really hard (lives it up??) in Germany.

We may have to get tough from time to time to make sure this blog stays clean and on topic, but we are basically here to help things run smoothly and to be a point of contact between you and the bloggers.

In particular, we'll all be liaising with Fletch and Ricco (who are very much the cornerstone of this blog) on a daily basis to make sure that their camper van odyssey around Germany follows some of the twists and turns that you suggest.

This blog is one of a series being trialled across the BBC so we're also here to field any questions or suggestions about it, or the BBC's approach to blogging in general, so ask away here, or email us.

Happy blogging!

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