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Building a partnership over a cuppa

World Class Virginia | 14:01 UK time, Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Pictures pupils reading letters for their partner school in Ethiopia


This month a teacher from Colegrave Primary School visits Ethiopia to see how their partner school works first hand.


Johanna Lawrence will visit Derara Elementary School, in Debre Zeit during half term, the school’s first visit to the school since their link began back in September 2011.


Colegrave is less than four miles away from the Olympic Park in London and pupils there have slowly watched the Olympic Stadium’s rise as we move ever closer to this summer’s games.


Johanna said: “Twinning makes the world a smaller place for the children here at Colegrave Primary School. They begin to see they have similarities with someone hundreds of miles away and for the pupils in Ethiopia they feel closer to the Olympics.”

Pupils from Colegrave primary school sent letters to greet their new found friends in October and received replies shortly afterwards and now it is hoped the two schools can build on their relationship with joint work based projects.

Johanna said: “We decided that as a school we would like to apply for accreditation as a fair-trade school, so the children can learn about fair-trade in a meaningful way and ensure that all the products we use are fair-trade. We thought this would make a relevant topic to investigate jointly, looking into the coffee trade in Ethiopia, and examining the impact on local people and farmers.”


The staff at Derara Elementary School would also like to share the importance of coffee in their culture and are keen to investigate issues surrounding coffee in UK and Ethiopia, including the impact of rising coffee prices in Ethiopia.


Speaking of her pending trip Johanna added: “I think it will give me a greater insight into what life is like in Ethiopia”.


A joint art project is planned for the future to reflect the schools interests in Fair-trade and coffee in the near future.  

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