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World's Biggest School Assembly live in Accra

World Class Virginia | 14:25 UK time, Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Multikids Academy in Ghana gets ready for their big assembly


To the sound of drums, pupils of all ages came together to discuss what mattered to them. in a garage under a backdrop of colourful banners and artwork depicting what is important in this world we live in, every pupil at Multikids Academy in Accra, Ghana were ready to begin their assembly.

Their assembly was hosted by Alex Jakana from BBC World Have Your Say, this pupil forum brought forward a range of thoughts and ideas. 

One pupil wondered how people catch malaria and learnt from his peers as they explained that malaria is caught as a result of mosquito bites and people die from malaria because they do not have access to medicine or cannot afford to see the doctor. 

Trees were seen as important because they provide oxygen and can be a source of medicine. The view was, if they must be cut down so roads can be built for example, these trees should be replaced. 

Multikids Academy is an inclusive school allowing mainstream pupils to learn alongside those with learning or physical difficulties. It is also a fee paying school and this privilege was not lost on the children, who see themselves as very lucky.

They have access to books, go to school and eat at lunch time, many people in Africa or even across Ghana, do not get such an opportunity. And this is what mattered to them.  

The World’s Biggest School Assembly on Tuesday 8 May aimed to give students a voice and saw hundreds of schools around the world talk about what mattered to them. 

Later the same day, pupils from Accra took part in a live radio broadcast with Alex linking up with schools in London, Washington and Jamaica listen to the highlights here.

Click here to find out more about what schools everywhere talked about in their assemblies.

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