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Students Bag Money for Slum School

World Class Virginia | 16:09 UK time, Friday, 6 January 2012


Picture of pupils at St Cedd's


Pupils at a school in Essex have got the art of recycling in the bag.
Year 5 pupils (aged 9-10) at St Cedd’s in Chelmsford made bags from reusable materials during their English lessons and sold them at their Christmas Fair to raise money for a slum school in India. 
Inspiration to make the bags came from students at Indraprastha World School in New Delhi after a teacher visited last summer and witnessed the conditions some children experience at a nearby slum school.
Twinned for two years, the schools joined forces to raise money and help improve conditions in the slum by holding sales of the bags both in the UK and India.
Rosie from St Cedd’s School helped make the bags, she said: “The handles are sturdy and strong and the bags are environmentally friendly. Everyone was very generous and gave us a lot of money.”
All the children made and decorated at least one bag and 75 were sold in total raising £73.43.
Indraprastha World School made greetings cards and other items to raise 9,300 rupees which is around £112.
The slum school will now send both schools a list of things they need and the students at St Cedd’s and Indraprastha will select how the money can best be spent.
Caroline Picking, teacher at St Cedd’s said: “This will be a great way for the pupils to use real maths, as they'll have to work out and prioritise what can and can't be bought.
“I am delighted with the enthusiasm and creativity shown by pupils at both St. Cedd's and Indrapratha World Schools, Caroline added.
“They are determined to help others who are living in poverty and I am very proud of the way they are working together as a team, despite being thousands of miles apart”.



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