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Art of peace in Pakistan school

World Class Virginia | 16:36 UK time, Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Children show the art they have created for their world peace project


Teacher Aliya Asim at the Roots School in Pakistan has been in touch with World Class to share their latest project.  She writes:

"Wednesday, 21 September was marked globally as World Peace Day . For the past 30 years this global day of ceasefire and non-violence has called people to forget their differences and join hands together for peace.

"Roots School Pakistan also celebrated this day with full zeal and zest.

"Children made posters, murals, slogans, delivered speeches and promised to play a vital role in world peace.

Children display their peace day art


"All these activities motivated our children to take an active role in bringing the peace to the world and they all got the chance to express their view on this topic through Art."


Thanks to Aliya for sharing pictures of pupils and their art.  Roots School would love to Twin for 2012 and is looking for a partner.

Peace One Day also contacted World Class to let schools all around the world know that they are offering education resources building up to a Global Truce event in 2012.

Latest from World Class

World Class Virginia | 16:32 UK time, Monday, 26 September 2011


A collage of a tree with leaves made from jigsaw pieces


Teacher Nadine Besserer from The Peterson School in Mexico City, has emailed World Class about the school's work with Art in All of Us.

Each year they swap art with schools in different countries - Ivory Coast, Dubai, Japan (with whom they made a special friendship after the exchange) and Louisiana in the USA. 

The Peterson School want to Twin for 2012.

From Russia with love... an assembly with a difference

World Class Virginia | 14:47 UK time, Monday, 19 September 2011

Pupils in Somerset were able to hold a joint assembly with their partner school thanks to the wonders of technology.

Using Skype, students from the Fairlands Middle School in Cheddar were able to talk in real time with their partner School 108 in Yekaterinburg Russia, on 14th September.

This World Class partnership is inspired by the athlete Ivan Ukhov who attended School 108 and is now aiming for an Olympic medal in London for the highjump.

The electronics were a little touch and go at one point....  but with the technical issues dealt with the Russian pupils performed traditional and Hip Hop style dances to the delight of those at Fairlands.

Fairlands Head Teacher, Mr Elmy, said the spectacle was “a wonderful way to stimulate learning about preparation for success and achieving our goals. The children at Fairlands Middle School and School 108 acted as wonderful ambassadors for their countries and we are grateful to our friends in Russia.”

Photo of Fairlands Middle School Assembly

In a packed assembly a special Olympic draw was made with Judo Olympian Danilkin. He matched the classes of the two schools with a country and athlete from the World Olympic Dreams series.

The children now have five weeks to devise a display or performance based on the country and athlete they were drawn.

These will then be performed at another special assembly to mark International Languages Day on Friday 14th October when Fairlands Middle School and School 108 will link up via Skype again.

And the answers to the twin teaser are...

World Class Virginia | 16:56 UK time, Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Abuja - is in Nigeria and welcome to Livingspring International College
Graz - is in Austria and welcome to BHAK School in Bruck an den Mur
Hawkes Bay in New Zealand is home to Hastings Central School
Kampala is capital of Uganda.  Welcome to Gayaza High School
Luhansk Oblast in the Ukraine is home to Krasnorechensk Secondary School
Welcome to Trelawny Public School in Mississauga, Canda
Uruguay's Montevideo is home to Saint George's School
Palmetto in the USA is home to Manatee School for the Arts
Poole and Snodland are in the UK home to Winchelsea School, Sylvan First School and Holmesdale Technology College
Shanghai in China is home to Shanghai United International School
Tangerang is in Indonesia.  Welcome to Sinarmas World Academy
Uttarkhand is in India.  Warm greetings to everyone at G.D.Birla Memorial School
And last but not least Vereeniging: South Africa. Welcome to Milton Primary School

Twin teaser

World Class Virginia | 15:32 UK time, Friday, 2 September 2011

A warm welcome to more than 500 schools which have joined World Class over the summer from every continent.  Except the Antarctic.



Here's a quiz for a little fun - a dozen towns where schools have joined World Class.  Can you name the country?

Abuja - Graz - Hawkes Bay - Kampala - Luhansk Oblast - Mississauga - Montevideo - Palmetto - Poole - Snodland - Shanghai - Tangerang - Uttarkhand - Vereeniging.

Answers here on the blog next week.

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