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Sex and football

  • Mark Sandell
  • 8 Jul 06, 09:31 AM

On the programme today we staged the talking World Cup. For France , Lucian,Nicolas and skipper Veronique took on Italy in the shape of captain Corrado, Barbara and Mimmo.
Possession and goals were given for the best points made.
The discussion ranged around Zidane, the respective passion of the fans, which country was a "proper" footballing place, which team was the fittest and it finished 2-2 at the end of extra time.
Italy scored an early penalty by pointing out that the average Italian makes love more often in a year than the average French person but in the end we wimped out and the programme ended with a 2-2 draw on penalties as well.
It was entertaining stuff and we can only hope tomorrow's match is too.

Last show for us too tomorrow- we've got some of our best fans coming into the Bush House canteen (how glamorous) for a World Cup breakfast. Please join us...

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Germany defeating Portugal to win a third place berth. It seems that both teams were exhausted in the first half but Germany pushed itself in the second half because it was afraid of being left out in the World Cup.

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