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Ask an expert: Hi, I'm 14 years old, I've have been bitched about on Twitter and Facebook these last couple of days...

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Zoe E Breen Zoe E Breen | 18:31 UK time, Friday, 10 February 2012

...I've already told the head-teacher and he had a word with the girls, but nothing has changed and I'm sick of it. The two girls have stolen something out of my school bag and put in a mouldy banana skin and also toilet paper. I don't know where to turn next and today I had my first panic attack, and almost fainted as they bitched about me right in front of me and I can't take it anymore :( I really do hope you can give me advice :/ on how to stop it, thank you :)

Answered by our panel of experts:

Hi, we are really sorry to hear of your situation and it sounds very tough. What's happening to you isn't right and so is making you very unhappy and ill. You really, really need to talk to someone so that these girls can be spoken with and you can feel safe at school and elsewhere.

Go back to the head and explain that you are scared and worried and are suffering from panic attacks and please, please, don't suffer in silence. It sounds like you should speak to your form teacher also. They are supposed to keep you safe in school and deal with bullying.

So whoever you talk to next will help make this happen and they will make sure the school do their job properly and change things for you. We know this because it's happened to others and it can be stopped.

This is not something you or anyone can tackle on their own and there are people that will help you. You don't say if you live with your mum or dad or someone else but whoever you live with will want to know. Get them to talk directly to the school and your teachers.

If you really, really don't feel you can tell them, phone someone like ChildLine where you can actually talk to a real person. It's free, and confidential - 0800 1111 or find them on www.childline.org.uk. Confidential means not telling anyone else about what you've said you can feel safe talking to them about this. You can call ChildLine anyway whether you tell your folks or not.

You can also get help and direct support from other young people, adults and counsellors on www.cybermentors.org.uk. There are people to talk to on there till 2am in the morning. You can also get help with the practical things you can do online, like changing your passwords, email addresses and nicknames.

You should also print a copy of the messages (do a Print Screen) as they can be used as evidence against the people writing these messages. You should also report it on Twitter and report it on Facebook. If you haven't done this already make sure you do.

On a practical level, you should also talk to your friends and try and avoid areas in school where you know the girls will be. That may be hard but try it. Don't respond to the bitching by trying to be smart back. You are not alone, so talk to a trusted adult, and they will help.

If you are a parent and are worried about your teen or child over-sharing online visit the Share Take Care: Ask an expert page to read the advice our panel of experts gave other parents.

Visit the Share Take Care website for more information on help and support for parents.


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