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Could you (or someone you know) be a First Click Friend?

You may have already heard of First Click, the BBC’s campaign to get people with little or no knowledge of computers and the internet familiar with the online world. This scheme reaches out to the estimated 9.2 million people in the UK who fall into this category, assuring them that they it's ‘easier than you think’.

Today sees the launch of First Click Friends, taking things one step further by inviting those already confident in using the web to help a relative, neighbour or friend to get online.  By giving up a small amount of time First Click Friends can make it possible for many more people to experience the real benefits of life online.

Logo for First Click Friends campaign with the tagline - 'Help someone get online'.


The campaign is backed by some famous faces who talk about how the internet makes a real difference to their lives. Gardeners’ World presenter Carol Klein, who admits to being a ‘technological dinosaur’, enthuses about how going online has expanded her knowledge of plants and gardening:

“I love the Gardeners' World message board, all sorts of ordinary gardeners, some of them very, very experienced right the way through to people who've just started growing something take part in it. Being online just enables me to do so many things that I couldn't have dreamt of before.”

If  you, or someone you know would be an ideal First Click Friend,  download the First Click Friends Handbook from the website to find out more. The site also offers assistance to ‘friends’ in finding local beginners' computer courses and advice on answering questions about internet safety and how to find the right computer for them.

You can also watch videos of actor Linda Robson, presenter Jennie Bond, nature presenter Bill Oddie and Countryfile’s Julia Bradbury  talking about how using computers and the internet makes their lives fuller.

Visit the First Click Friends website for further details or sign up for BBC WebWise's email newsletter for beginners to get weekly updates on what's new on WebWise.



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