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WebWise news report - computer hacking

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Hajar Javaheri Hajar Javaheri | 13:41 UK time, Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Computer hacking is rarely out of the news, with reports today showing Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's emails have been accessed through a cyber attack on the Australian Parliament House email network.

Yet despite the attention that leaked information from high profile figures attracts, a study compiled by security firm McAfee has found that hackers are increasingly targeting intellectual property (for example, original ideas, inventions or designs) and business secrets from corporate networks.

Hackers can access information in a number of ways and if your credit card details have been taken, you'll soon find out. But McAfee's chief technology officer in Europe, Raj Samani, warns that with intellectual property the user may not even know information has been stolen as a cyber thief can just take a copy of it. Read the full story here.

A set of keys in a lock.

With more confidential data stored online and on work laptops, it's especially important to ensure your firewall's properly set up, that you're not logging on to the web using unsecure networks, and that all passwords are strong.

Learn how to keep your data secure with the WebWise safety and privacy guides.



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