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Aleesha and Danielle considered themselves Waterloo Road's answer to Paris and Nicole: slumming it temporarily with the scuzzers - thank god they're destined for more glamorous things (cos they so are). Fiercely loyal to each other, but quick to laugh at everyone else - Aleesha and Danielle ticked the class of twenty ten's 'princess' quotient. Aleesha might be a little on the materialistic side, but she was a bright student, poached from a rival school by ex-Head Jack Rimmer as part of his bursary scheme. Aleesha's armed with quick wit and sense of humour - shame she doesn't choose to use those powers for good more often!

Currently, Aleesha is studying a hair and beauty course at a local college. Any extra money her and Paul earn comes from her homers (for which she is paid cash in hand) and, of course, Paul's till-dipping. A recent trip to Camden has inspired Aleesha to bring a little bit of that atmosphere to Rochdale. She has plans to open a tattoo parlour and has encouraged her lecturers at college to bring in experts from outside to show how it's done. Aleesha wants to be someone and there's a sneaking feeling growing in her that Paul is holding her back.

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