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Michaela White | 12:00 UK time, Tuesday, 8 March 2011


From: Michaela White

To: Everyone

Alright people? Bolton has a gig on Saturday night at Stereo. Come and show your support. Mx

Stereo - Live MC Battle of the Century featuring Boo Boy vs Asbo MC


Bolton Smilie THIS IS MAAAAAAAASSIVE! It's a battle between me and that div Idris/ASBO MC! I'm gonna be takin him down! No messin, this is gonna be outta control! BOO! BOO! This big manager Julian is comin to judge me and Idris and he's gonna sign the winner!! No showin me up, yea?


Philip Ryan Yo yo, you can count on MC Phil to be there. Ya'll be grinding to the beats, shimmying my feet, supporting the clique.
Woooooord. ;)


Danielle Harker LOL @ Phil! Didn't you see Bolton saying he doesn't want anyone showing him up? ;) I'll deffo be there supporting you Bolton, you know I'm your biggest fan! Need any help organising? You took my number at the party so just give us a text ;-) Xx



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