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9. PRIVATE MESSAGE: Am in big trouble!

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Paul Langley | 12:05 UK time, Monday, 7 March 2011


From: Paul Langley

To: Philip Ryan

Mate any jobs goin at the bakery? Got caught on camera nickin that booze for Janeece's party AND for borrowing a quid from the till 2 get a sausage roll for lunch. One meesly quid! Leesh will kill me.
Did u hear that Bolts mum is forcing him 2 get the parent test dun? Bolton said Michaela flipd when he told her!


Philip Ryan
Wow you must have been ridiculously hungry and/or stupid to do that. My job at the bakery should be available seeing as I got ‘let go' last week. Poor Rochdale is now deprived of perfectly symmetrical hot cross buns. Didn't know Bolton was being forced into it, isn't it a good idea? I mean, you'd want to know for sure you were a kid's dad before you brought it up, right? P.


Paul Langley
Yea true. Good luck gettin some more bun action. Rite i'm off to tell Leesh i lost my job... wish me luck...


Philip Ryan
Ouch. Nice knowing you mate.



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