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35. Aleesha

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Paul Langley | 12:00 UK time, Tuesday, 29 March 2011


From: Paul Langley

To: Everyone

Aleesha, been trying to get hold of you - we need 2 talk about us. Pick up your phone or answer the door. I know you've been in cos the lights are on in ur house. Come on we need to talk. We belong 2gether.


Danielle Harker Paul, Aleesha's told me what's going on and you need to back off. She's not answering your calls because she's had to completely turn off her phone. STOP HASSLING HER.


Paul Langley Wots it 2 u? all u care about is urself.


Danielle Harker Cheek - at least I take CARE of myself, like washing and stuff- heard of it??? --- last time u were out u smelt like a bin lorry.


Paul Langley Ur all so 2faced. U all just want wotever u can get. U don't care about anything or anyone else. Get lost.


Aleesha Dillon Paul, it's over. The reason I'm not answering the door is because you're freaking me out. Hanging off the doorbell at one o'clock in the morning isn't good for either of us... this isn't funny. Back off and stop acting crazing. We're done.


Philip Ryan Come on Paul, it's time to stop this. You're scaring her. We've all been there mate but this isn't the right way to handle it. Dan, maybe you should stay out of this one.


Paul Langley Its ok 4 all of u. Ive lost everything.



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