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20. Hen Night Pics

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Janeece Bryant | 17:00 UK time, Thursday, 17 March 2011


From: Janeece Bryant

To: Everyone

Hen night #1

Hen night #2

Hen night #3

Hen night #4

Hen night #5

Eurgh my eyebrows look well mingin in these pics!!!!!


Chlo Grainger Sexy ladies! What would Miss Campbell say? Top buttons undone, skirts higher than knee level - shocking! Can't believe you got that face paint on the wrong way, Aleesha, too funny!
Sorry I couldn't make it - Izzie and Donte are both wrapped up in bed with colds, bloomin' Scarborough and the rain, it's muggins here who has to run around after them both.


Janeece Bryant Our Cheryl's always getting colds too. It was a gr8 night though! U need 2 get out wiv us sometime!
Dunno wot Aleesha put on our faces but it wasn't face paint - it still won't come off. Keep tryin' to wash it. My skins gone red and you can still see it!!!! Nightmare day at work - Fisher not pleased AND there's this hottie called Dan helpin' the kids in at the mo, won't look at me like this tho!!!


Aleesha Dillon I worked out how to get the make-up off! Rub butter on the skin (but don't rub it in!) then wash it straight off with soapy water.
Paul told me that he was booking a stripper but went all quiet when I asked about it last night! Wonder what happened there...
Also your eyebrows look great BUT I'm doing a threading assessment in a couple of weeks if you fancy coming in and being my model...?


Danielle Harker Lifesaver! Do not want to know how you worked that out though lol xx



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