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14. Anyone got a Van?

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Philip Ryan | 12:00 UK time, Friday, 11 March 2011


From: Philip Ryan

To: Everyone

Hey guys. Any of you know anyone with a van? Or a car with a big boot? Cheaper the better, like free? P.


Paul Langley Hedin out 2 bury the bodies mate? ;-D


Bolton Smilie Paul, even for you that was weak! Phil, I can sort you out with wheels - my cuz has a van for his band. What u need it for?


Philip Ryan Cheers Bolt. Michaela and Kyle are going to be moving in with me for a bit, I've got loads of room and I'm helping her out with Kyle and stuff.


Janeece Bryant Oooh, Michaela & Philip sittin in a tree!!!!!!!!!!! Haha :) :):):) J


Michaela White Grow up Janeece.



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