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3. PAR-T Minus 3 days

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Philip Ryan | 17:07 UK time, Monday, 21 February 2011


From: Philip Ryan

To: Everyone

When does the party kick off on Friday? I don't finish work until later on because I got a new job at the supermarket bakery.

Sent you a text Michaela but no reply? What are your plans? P.


Bolton Smilie LOL got so many cream horn jokes in my head now right m8!!1 Not heard anything about Fri.
Michaela, I texted you as well - is your phone working?


Paul Langley Hahahaha! Do u ice bonbons wearin a big white hat? ROFL! Bolt- fancy a bakery raid...? :)


Aleesha Dillon Michaela, I left you voicemail the other day - what's this wall of silence all about? Just texted Janeece and she's saying it's from 8. xoxo
(P.S. Leave Phil alone, it's the closest he'll get to a French fancy :P)


Philip Ryan Oh you all laugh but I get free doughnuts!
Please show some respect for my awesome new job title. I'm an: 'apprentice baker'. Just as well I got two A's at A-level or I might not be qualified to TURN ON AN OVEN! See you all on Friday for some great banter. P.


Danielle Harker Michaela, it's a bit rude to organise a party and then not answer calls ;) Also I heard you and your mum had a MASSIVE barney last week, what was that all about? Loving the cakey jokes! Do you mince the pies Phil?

LOL xx


Paul Langley U dont get mince pies in march Dan. FAIL!! Mich, what's got your mum so upset? Have you got busted 4 drugs or robbed a bank or summat?



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