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The new BBC iD sign in system

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Elham Rizi | 11:57 UK time, Thursday, 29 October 2009

New BBC iD sign in system FAQs

BBC iD is the new sign in system for BBC Online. It's currently being rolled out across all services that require a user to register or sign in.

On Monday November 2nd we'll be switching all of the BBC's blogs to BBC iD from the previous BBC membership system. And in the New Year our message boards and other communities will be heading down the same route.

By March 2010 BBC iD will be the single sign in for all BBC Online services. If you have an existing BBC membership account for blogs, message boards or other services at some point in the next few months you will be automatically prompted to upgrade to BBC iD.

We do need to replace the old system, but we don't underestimate the inconvenience the transition will represent for some of our users. We apologise for this and hope that you will find the service improvements that BBC iD will support over the coming months for example, working on mobiles - make it all worthwhile.

We've tried to answer the questions you may have about the new system here.

If we've missed anything, please let us know. Most users should be able to upgrade their account from a BBC membership to a BBC iD when prompted with a minimum of fuss.

We'll be keeping you up to date with the roll-out of BBC iD via the BBC Internet blog.

NB: There's one thing you will need to think about if you have more than one BBC membership account:
If you have more than one BBC membership you'll only be able to upgrade one of those accounts to BBC iD using your preferred username and email address. That BBC iD account will retain links to your previous membership account and any comments and posts you made using it. So if you have more than one BBC membership, make sure you upgrade your favourite one.

New BBC iD sign in system FAQs

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