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On the look-out for polecats

Update, 13.30: Leave your polecat sightings on the Springwatch site - not here!

Springwatch presenter Simon King has been inundated since asking on last night's programme for your reports of polecat sightings, including several in NE Wales.

polecat photographed by security staff at BHP Billiton gas terminal at Talacre

Harrishawker1 writes: "I have seen 2 wild polecats in the last six months whilst out working the ferrets for the hawks. The first one was living in a rabbit waren and tried to attack the ferret we were working outside the hole. This was near Abergele. The second one was on the sand dunes doing the same near Gronant, Prestatyn, whilst out hawking.

"We also have a friend who lost a ferret whilst out in the fields near Prestatyn and he found it six weeks later whilst walking the dog but the twist is the ferret gave birth to kits a week later and they all have the markings of wild polecats."

Meanwhile, BusterHarding points out that polecats aren't necessarily the shy and retiring type: "We saw a polecat running across the Rhuddlan road in Rhyl!"

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