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What are we doing to our kids?

Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 12:33 UK time, Monday, 23 March 2009

That's the title of a special series of programmes being produced by BBC Wales to encourage a national debate about childhood [as March marks 50 years since the United Nations' declaration on the rights of the child].

Meanwhile, today's Evening Leader has the headline, Girl speaks out on caring for heroin addict mum and the 'paper quotes her as saying:

My mum tries her hardest to stay off the drugs and at the moment she is on methadone. But my stepdad mixes and matches. To be honest it's easier when they are on heroin because they aren't anxious and needing it all the time, but for me it's easier when they're on methadone because we have more money to eat. There have been times when we haven't eaten because they needed the money for drugs.

The teenager says her life has been turned around since getting help from one of children's charity Barnardo's projects.

There are lots of help groups out there. A separate website set up by BBC Wales to support its series, What are we doing to our kids?, includes links to other support groups as well as details of programmes and themes and is interested in your opinions and experiences.

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