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Lurve dance, seaside sideshows and newsletter [25-03-09]

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UPDATES: Doing the 'lek' love dance! - Seaside sideshows - Town Talk - Wrexham FC war of words - Learn old dialect - Is it a bird or a...? - Meet the artists - Podcast - 250 jobs to go - Missing 'Tati': Grim find - And more

Back to nature
Doing the lek love dance! - You'll have to get up early to see black grouse doing the lek love dance at Llandegla Forest.
Is it a bird or a ...? - Watch an amazing dance-like display as 500,000 starlings find a roost at Marchwiel.

News round-up
Missing 'Tati' - Police find human remains on land at Erddig, Wrexham, following a five day dig.
Driver remanded over boy's death - A 61-year-old man is remanded in custody charged with causing the death of a nine-year-old boy who was hit by two cars.
Calls to manage Airbus job cuts - An assembly member insists that Airbus has a future in north Wales, despite cutting around 250 agency jobs.

History today
Seaside sideshows - When the 'wildman of Borneo' and the 'headless woman' came to Rhyl. [with thanks to Rhyl blogger, Colin]
Local dialect - Learn phrases from an old dialect once in common use in Buckley.

Wrexham FC
War of words - A row has erupted between Wrexham FC and its Supporters Trust about the £40m 'Wrexham Village' project on land surrounding the Racecourse.
Listen to the boss - Manager Dean Saunders has some tough words for his players as promotion hopes fade.

Town Talk
Aston Hill compulsory purchase orders - Judged: "What we have now is a blight on Queensferry and an impasse instead of bypass!"
Place names - Kenny: "The dip in Lesters Lane [Broughton] is known as poverty hollow. Can anybody throw some light on this?"
Denbigh goth rock - Cat: "In terms of giving the young people something to do, I was considering getting the alternative community together. The scene is considerably lacking in this town..."
More supermarkets - John: "A new supermarket is just what Cefn Mawr needs. For far too long Somerfield has held a monopoly in Cefn. I am looking forward to a more varied local choice."

Meet the artists
Local artists share an insight into their work and sources of inspiration.

Pub's spirits
Ex landlady Karen: "Bowls of food were thrown across the room, keys went missing, doors slamming, pipes banging. I woke up with scratches all over my body. I went to St Giles to see the priest to get some advice..."

Podcast - NE Wales Update
Don't forget you can hear highlights of the week's news from NE Wales - aired on BBC Radio Wales - via the podcast updated every Friday by 1pm.

Hwyl am y tro - bye for now

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