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Podcast and newsletter [16-01-09]

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UPDATES: Look who's coming to Llan - Popstar on the canal - Friends reunited after 60 years - More jobs to go - Over the rainbow - Rants and Raves - Father and son reach South Pole - Historic haunts

Podcast - NE Wales Update
uploaded 1pm Fridays
George Herd reports on the re-opening of the murder investigation into the death of Mold postman Paul Savage and life coach Bob Barr shares some words of wisdom with Roy Noble. Chris Dearden reports on plans for a gallery showcasing the work of renowned photographer Philip Jones Griffiths and the big names are announced for this year's Llangollen International Eisteddfod.

Rock and roll canal holidays!
What is it with canal holidays? First it was Harrison Ford, now popstar Cerys Matthews has been on a barge on Llangollen Canal.

Friends reunited after 60 years
The last time Ron, Alex and Davey worked together, bread was rationed. The trio had lots to talk about at their reunion this week after 62 years apart.

Father and son reach South Pole
Kevin, who grew up in Connah's Quay, and son, Matt, 18, were part of a seven-man team who reached the pole on Wednesday to raise money for Ysbyty Glan Clwyd where Kevin's late sister, Jayne from Rhyl, was treated.

Latest photos
Emma shares a photo of a rainbow over the rooftops of Trelawnyd while David shows us the ice on the Clywedog River.

Historic haunts
Ghost investigator Andrea has an alternative theory about Wepre Park's legend, asking whether so-called ghostly Nora the Nun could be Gwenllian, the last Princess of Wales.

Town talk
Council tax - Toppy: 'Now that the people of Flintshire know that Flintshire County Council have £67m in banks all over the world, will they be happy when rates and rents rise, and the council say the same old story - no money for repairs or renovations?'

German bomber - Louise: 'Just spoken to my uncle who was 10 at the time a German bomber was shot down over Wrexham. He remembers three airmen being killed. Two parachuted out over Abenbury brick works but had left it too late...'

Gresford - Megan: 'There's a tranquil spot before you get to the Griffin Hill, by the old cottage, where there were pine trees and over a high wall, the river, where the fish always seemed to jump.'

That's your lot this week!

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