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'What once was great - now lost in time', Ben's quote of the day

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 10:07 UK time, Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Quote of the day - Rhyl, by Ben:
Rhyl pier in the 1800s

"I'm 27 and have lived in Rhyl and a few other local towns all my life on and off. I never really knew its history until I had to research it for a university assignment. Seeing all these incredible pictures of its past glory and hearing all these sad accounts of the good memories it evokes and the good place it used to be actually saddens me. I have never known this Rhyl I see in the pictures or hear spoken of, I have known only the crime, unemployment and horrible bleak dilapidated atmosphere that hangs over it now and has since my birth in 1981 at which point I gather the decline was well underway.


"It looks so grand and happy in those Victorian pictures, and those cherished memories that were once so real... I wish I could be in that Rhyl and not the one I have struggled in. Sadly that has all gone, all that is left are faint echoes of it shrouded by modern efforts at progress and change that have fallen flat long before they were ever realised.

"Sadly one day too all these memories I read here shall die away with those that cherish them, and these pictures will be the only window into its grand past. While experience and memories of a quiet different Rhyl will remain, the Rhyl I know, the memories I will pass on.

"It's a reflection of the world today, what once was great lost in time replaced by drugs, crime, unemployment and immorality. It's sad what's happened to our country, to Rhyl..."

Thanks to Ben for sharing his thoughts.

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